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Shayne power washed our deck and patio.  After it dried, I noticed noticed a few stains in patches on the concrete.  Rang him up, and he popped over the next day to check it out.  He fixed it on the spot!  No hassles, no argument, no excuses.  Just great customer service.


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Window cleaning

We've been in the window cleaning business for over 35 years.  Specializing in residential window cleaning. Although we also clean windows on commercial buildings.You decide if you wish to have your windows cleaned on the exterior only, or interior and exterior.Our services also include wiping the frames and sills. Screens can also be cleaned as well at an additional fee. Do you have a sunroom, lets have a look and see what we can we do for you.


Eavestrough cleaning and repair

We clean out your eavestroughs by hand, making sure to flush out all downspouts. We will hammer in any loose nails while we clean. If your eavestroughs are leaking we can re-caulk them at the corners and seams after cleaning. While up on your roof or on a ladder we will visually inspect your roof and report back to you any issues that we see. We use stand off hooks on our ladders to rest the ladder on your roof, not against your eavestrough.

Perhaps you need a couple of branches trimmed back from your roof. Let us know before hand, we may be able to take care of that for you. We can install your purchased gutter guards if you wish.Debris from your eaves will be bagged and left by the side of the road for pick up.


Deck & Fence Repair 

We can replace a few boards on your deck or fence or perhaps a couple of posts on your fence need replacing. Does your fence gate need some attention, sagging a little , won't open/close, we can take care of that for you.


Power Washing

Power washing is the quickest and easiest way to bring an old deck, fence, entrance way or patio back to life.  We also power wash siding ( most siding and the exterior of eavestrough need to be cleaned by hand), driveways, furniture or anything else that you want to make new again.


Interior/Exterior Painting

We can make your living space fresh and new.  We can update your outside colours too.  We get great prices on paint, and can save you money and time.


And more...

We offer handy man services which include, but are not limited to minor plumbing and electrical repair.( re/re light fixture,re/re faucet).When you call for either window or eavestrough cleaning , have a list of handy man type jobs available. Maybe we can take care of some them while we are there